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­čÄë Welcome to AR Draw Sketch: Sketch & Trace, where you can turn photos into freehand art. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and create incredible artwork. Convert all beautiful moments into unique works of art with the Draw Sketch app. With AR Draw Sketch, you can express your creativity through various key features:
­čľő´ŞĆ Trace: Find inspiration in any image or artwork and transform them into line art. Place your drawing paper over the image and sketch the lines you desire. Create artistic renditions of your favorite pieces.
­čôŞ Sketch (Camera Sketch): Utilize your phone's camera to create freehand artwork from real-life images. Draw by tapping on the screen, enabling you to produce unique pieces from photos.
­čÄą Record Video: Capture every step of your creative process with the integrated video recording feature. Share the journey of creating your artwork with friends and family.
­čôÜ Diverse Template Library: Choose from a wide range of tracing templates to fit your preferences. Explore various categories such as Animals, Cars, Nature, Food, Anime, and more.
­čöŽ Integrated Flashlight: The flashlight function helps you create beautiful art even in low-light conditions.
­čôĆ Advanced Features: Enhance your drawings with advanced options:
Edge Size: Adjust the edge size to make your strokes thicker.
Opacity: Make the drawing template more or less transparent, allowing for various artistic effects.
Unleash unlimited creativity and turn your ideas into reality with AR Draw Sketch. Download now to begin your artistic journey!


- Camera Sketch
- Trace
- Record Video
- Diverse Template Library
- Integrated Flashlight
- Bugs fixed