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­čś│ DO YOU KNOW?? ­čĹë 3 minutes playing logic game everyday can MAKE YOU RICH ­čĹł
­čĺĽ Here comes a Magic Draw It Story ever! ­čĺĽ A draw one part story that you are the one who will decide it. Draw a line to see the fantastic - It's all up to YOU!

Can you see whatÔÇÖs missing in this drawings? ­čöŹ
Start to relax your mind by solving hundreds of puzzles in this easy riddle game, using your lateral thinking and drawing skills.
Each level of this draw story game includes items, characters, situations with one missing part. Your job is identify the missing elements and use your finger to draw a line to complete the colorful pictures.

­čś│ Why you shouldn't miss this Easy Art Puzzle game: Fun Drawing game?

­čöą DOP Game: Magic Draw One Part Highlights ­čöą
+ Halloween ­čÄâ and Xmas ­čÄä versions for drawing puzzles are already here!
+ 200+ challenging levels that will test your logical thinking and drawing skills­čĄö­čĺí
+ Colorful graphics and happy music help your relax before bedtime
+ Easy to play, but 5% can solve this drawing art puzzle. You need to think differently to win this DOP riddle game ­čöä
+ Love to draw! Funny draw it puzzle game that suitable for all ages. ­čĹ­čĹÁ
+ Happy dop game to train your mind ­čÜŻ­čĺ¬

Are you looking for a fun and relaxing draw story game to improve your lateral thinking and test your drawing talent? Then DOP 6: Magic Draw It Story is the perfect drawing game for you!


- Fix bugs
- Improve game
- Update level design